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exo overdose; mini-album tracklist

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(TRANS) 140418 From SMTOWN


Upon receiving word of the Sewol ferry sinking that took place on the 16th, our SM artists and management were greatly saddened and concerned.

After much discussion and deliberation as to the new album’s release and future promotional activities, the release of EXO’s second mini-ablum has been postponed until further notice.

This decision was made with the best interests of the Sewol ferry sinking victims in mind, as well as out of concern for their families and friends. We hope that those who are still missing return home safely. We would also like to ask for your understanding.

Thank you for your continued interest in EXO’s second mini-album . We will be sure to inform you once a date is confirmed for the album’s official release.

Thank you.

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can't hide the fact that you're still a kid.

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same, chanyeol, same

"Someone call the doctor.."
"Someone call the doctor.."

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kimjongsity asked: hunhan or baekyeol?


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Countdown to Luhan’s Birthday: Day 3

I think about you… all day.


Countdown to Luhan’s Birthday: Day 3

I think about you… all day.