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Erica. Philippines. EXO fan. ELF. This blog is 25% hunhan, 25% joonmyeon, 95% EXO.


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everyone was too busy having fun to help jongin find a heart pillow

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32 of 100 Random Graphic

junmyeon + green well more like a mint ;; asked by fernie

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you’re my angel, whisper softly

Luhan + Mask

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"We fought a lot in the early stages. There were some clashes of opinion, but the fortunate thing was we had a leader. The leader hyung took care of everything and balanced it out, and from one moment we really became a family." - Baekhyun

hunhan x pastel requested by baektoyeoll.

hunhan x pastel requested by baektoyeoll.

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suho for joonmai
suho for joonmai

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